Don’t leave your goalkeepers to train in a corner! Allow them to train each other with 50 goalkeeping focused drills in Goalie Wars! Discover how to maximise the intensity and productivity of training for the most specialized position on the pitch

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Finally, goalkeepers can train with the same intensity and pressure as the rest of the team! No longer will goalkeepers have to take part in inappropriate and ineffective drills or be left to train on their own. ‘Goalie Wars!’ provides you with a comprehensive training curriculum for your goalkeepers to train each other in all the key areas of their unique position. 

Dear Coach,

Manchester United’s Peter Schmeichel, Manchester City’s Joe Hart and Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas have all been integral to their team’s success. A well trained goalkeeper gives the backline confidence knowing there is a formidable last line of defence, while strikers know they won’t be under constant pressure to make up for their goalkeeper’s ‘gaffes’. It’s a fact: an effective, well drilled and confident goalkeeper can be the decisive factor in a team’s performance. But all too often, the goalkeeper is the most ignored player in training.

This book shows you how to address this problem with drills and exercises that train your goalkeepers with the same intensity and pressure as the rest of your team. Goalie Wars! provides you with 50 drills and exercises which your goalkeepers can use to train in pairs. This enables them to look after their own unique role requirements while you can focus on training the outfield. The result is that every player can train to their limits, and you can provide your goalkeepers with the intensive technical, tactical and fitness training they need to improve.


Packed with detailed diagrams, technical coaching points and progressions, Goalie Wars! provides you with everything you need to address the challenge of training goalkeepers effectively and to ensure your goalmouth will resemble Fort Knox to your opponents on match day.

“In Goalie Wars!, Tony Englund has again provided the specific training exercises needed to train goalkeepers atGarcia-Prats the highest level. His depth of knowledge of the goalkeeping position continues to grow and evolve. The expansive nature of each training exercise allows for the ability to vary within your own goalkeeper’s needs. As a staff member in our program, Tony has greatly raised the level of our goalkeepers. ” – Chris Garcia-Prats, Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Luther College, 2011 NSCAA Regional Coach of the Year

“Finally! A solution to the challenge of how to train goalkeepers effectively and with the intensity of game day situations”

Training goalkeepers has always been a problem for coaches. Unless you are an elite team with the resources to hire specialized goalkeeping coaches, too often goalkeepers are either ignored in training or don’t get to practice drills and exercises focused on their truly specialized position. Goalkeepers require intensive, specialized and frequent touches of the ball in training just like any other player. But there is often a tendency to leave goalkeepers to work in a corner without a curriculum to work from or an effective program of drills for them to work through in each session.

Goalie Wars! addresses this challenge with a comprehensive array of drills to train and improve every area of goalkeeping. This includes game warm-ups, footwork, fitness, handling and distribution, diving, reactions and shot stopping. What’s more, the drills can be adjusted and progressed to suit the skill level of your players. So whether you coach amateur sides or players at a professional level, Goalie Wars! provides you with a complete curriculum for developing the skills, reactions and confidence of one of the most important positions on the pitch.


 “Expertly written by a leading soccer coach with over a decade’s experience”

The author of Goalie Wars!, Tony Englund, has extensive soccer coaching experience, holding 14 coaching certifications, including the NSCAA Premier, Director of Coaching Diploma, Advanced National Diploma and an International Coaches’ Association Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer License. tony-englund During a fifteen year playing career, Tony played goalkeeper on high-level youth and adult club teams, helping his high school team to a conference title and a number one ranking. Englund’s club teams have earned five state championships and compiled more than 350 wins and fifty tournament and league championships.

Two of his teams have earned top twenty regional rankings and one earned a national top fifty ranking. Between 1996 and 2003, Englund served as head coach at Hill-Murray Girls High School. During the 2001 regular season the team earned a record of 18-0-0, making them the only unbeaten team in school history.  That year, Englund was named Minnesota State High School Soccer Coaches Association Coach of the Year.

Englund is one of only five NSCAA Club Standards Project Consultants and presented goalkeeping clinics for the NSCAA in 2012 and 2013. Tony Englund is currently the Assistant Director of Coaching at St. Croix Soccer Club and a lead presenter at the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association’s Winter Symposium in 2009, 2011, and 2012.  He was also a presenter for the Minnesota State High School Soccer Association’s Fall Clinic in 2011.high-level coaching symposiums.  Goalie Wars! is his fifth soccer coaching book, all published by WORLD CLASS COACHING.

“Goalie Wars has served as a valuable instrument not only in training our goalkeepers, but also training our coaching Schouweilerstaff. Goalie Wars is well structured to progressively train your goalkeepers on a variety of skills and games. From the beginner goalie to the collegiate level, Goalie Wars, is an integral piece from the warm-up to the game for advancing your goalkeepers in every training session.” – Russell Schouweiler, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Luther College

What’s included in Goalie Wars!

Split into five modules, Goalie Wars! features a variety of simple yet intensive and challenging drills and exercises that enable goalkeepers to gain the maximum benefit from every training session. Each module features a total of 10 drills, which are outlined with clear diagrams, coaching points and progressions so you can adapt and combine drills to suit whichever skill you want goalkeepers to focus on.

Module 1 – Goalkeeper warm-up, coordination, agility and fitness exercises The opening chapter features warm-ups specifically designed for goalkeepers that address their particular requirements. It also outlines drills for improving all types of handling and distribution, along with diving progressions, reactions work, adjusting the variety of shots and defending set pieces. The fitness related section of the module focuses on intensive and challenging footwork. Some of the drills include box warm-up runs, agility ladder training, shadow goalkeeping and through balls and chips.

Module 2 – Handling Ensuring goalkeepers can consistently catch balls and handle them comfortably is a constant source of frustration for coaches and goalkeepers alike. A lack of technical practice, poor concentration and pressure can result in goalkeeping gaffes at every level of the game. This module provides you with drills for improving all three. In addition, the progressions for the drills can enable you to replicate game like pressure on the pitch. This will help to reinforce the skills, reactions and concentration goalkeepers will need on match day to consistently handle the ball well. Drills include one handed catching, punch juggling, ball speed work and low tipping.

Module 3 – Diving Diving forwards to reduce an attacker’s time and options is one of the key skills a goalkeeper can possess. In addition, they have to be able to reach the far corners of their goalmouth quickly and comfortably to avoid the risk of injury. This module provides ten drills which enable two goalkeepers to train together to improve their diving in all areas of the goalmouth. This includes extension diving, fast shuffling to reach the ball, closing down and grid races which provide grueling fitness training that also improves technique.

Module 4 – Reactions Goalkeepers arguably require the quickest reactions on the pitch. A split second hesitation can mean the difference between a goal being scored and your team staring defeat in the face. Just like any skill, reactions need constant practice and refinement. This module’s drills enable goalkeepers to train with constant variety as well as the ability to mix fun into the session to mask what can be a repetitive type of training. The drills in this chapter include toss-save-catch, rebound bounce training, near post shots and deflected shots.

Module 5 – Shot Stopping In this module, Englund demonstrates how to expand shot stopping beyond players merely standing in lines to take pot shots at the goal mouth. Instead, Englund provides a series of drills for setting up efficient and functional shoot and save situations. These will provide goalkeepers with a variety of game like situations in training along with the opportunity to compete against one another. Getting the opportunity to take shots for a change will also be refreshing for your goalkeepers from normally being on the receiving end. Drills in the final module include high shot low shot, shadow cross and save, cross and cover and the popular goalkeeper wars drill.

“Goalkeeping plays such an important role in the success of any team. Tony has taken the time to create a book from hisCarlson own knowledge and observation of others to help other coaches and players understand and develop, prime and advance the skills of the goalkeeper. The ideas surrounding group goalkeeper training help provide a positive and competitive environment in training. I would recommend this book to all coaches interested in developing successful goalkeepers.” – Matt Carlson, Director of Goalkeeping Development, St. Croix Soccer Club


What you will gain from Goalie Wars!

If you find that your goalkeepers are too often ignored in training or lack effective drills that deliver real improvements in match day performance, Goalie Wars! provides you with everything you need to make training sessions more effective. No longer will they be forced to waste time partaking in endurance training or running around cones with  the rest of the team, but will be able to focus on the skills they need for their unique position.

  • Gain a comprehensive array of drills that enable you to implement varied and effective goalkeeper training sessions
  • Instead of being left on the sidelines or partaking in drills that don’t improve their unique skillset, goalkeepers will be able to train in pairs and focus on drills specifically designed for their position
  • Goalkeepers will gain hundreds of touches of the ball in every training session, which is essential for improving technique, confidence and ball handling
  • Instead of simply having players lined up taking shots, create game like environments that will replicate the pressure of real game situations
  • Provide your goalkeepers with the variety and different challenges they need to improve
  • Maximize their work rate while practicing proper technique
  • Goalkeepers will be able to test and push each other in training
  • Outfield players will be free to focus on their own training exercises without sacrificing part of the session to assist goalkeepers in their training
  • Goalkeepers will catch the ball more consistently, reducing the risk of dropping or knocking the ball to an attacker’s feet when defending crosses and set pieces
  • Your goalkeepers will find training more invigorating and challenging
  • The improvement in your goalkeeper’s technical ability, concentration and confidence can make a decisive improvement to your team’s success

One of the chief reasons why goalkeepers are neglected in training is due to the lack of specialized goalkeeper coaching. This book can plug the gap by enabling two goalkeepers to coach each other with drills and exercises specifically designed for their unique position.

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The author, Tony Englund, had even more material than we could fit into the book.  But we didn’t want it to sit on a desk and go to waste.  So with your purchase of Goalie Wars!, we are going to include a FREE copy of the eBook, Goalie Wars! Extras, which includes 20 additional training sessions.    Just place your order and this free eBook will automatically be added to your order.

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WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. We wouldn’t be offering Goalie Wars! unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the Goalie Wars! after six months then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.


“This book provides a comprehensive training guide for your goalkeepers to improve their technical ability and performance, rather than get left to practice in a corner”

There’s a reason why the best goalkeepers now command transfer fees running into the tens of millions. It’s because managers know a technically adept, confident and well drilled goalkeeper can be decisive when challenging for league and cup titles. So it seems incredible that goalkeepers are still often neglected in training, either due to lack of resources or knowledge on how to coach goalkeepers effectively.

Goalie Wars! provides you with everything you need to maximize the effectiveness of every training session for your goalkeepers. What’s more, you can empower two goalkeepers to look after their own training and to push each other to new heights of technical ability and performance. Packed with fifty drills covering goalkeeper specific warm-ups, handling, diving reactions and shot stopping, Goalie Wars! solves the challenge of coaching goalkeepers. It can equip your team with a formidable presence in goal that gives the rest of the team confidence and gets opposition teams questioning whether they will be able to score. Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S. Goalie Wars! is a coaching book focused on the most specialized position on the pitch. It features 50 drills and exercises which enable two goalkeepers to train each other rather than participate in appropriate team drills that don’t improve their particular skillset. The result is that goalkeepers can maximize the effectiveness of every training session and become more technically proficient and confident on match day.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in Goalie Wars! after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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