Shot Stopping Game

By Josh Jones-Keen –

This is a fun but competitive drill recently seen performed by Burnley FC. The aim of this game is to keep the ball out of the net by any means possible. After all that’s what we’re paid to do.

This can be done 1 on 1 or with multiple Keepers by rotating more frequently. If 1 on 1 I would go best out of 10 (or whatever time permits). I would use this drill at the end of a tough session to add some light relief and not to take things too seriously as opposed to Small Sided games with the rest of the squad. These types of drills also help increase camaraderie between Keepers as a team.



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Firstly the Keeper must jump over the hurdle and the striker will shout which cone (number them 1-4) the Keeper must touch the cone and reset back to the middle before the striker 1) Drop Volley, 2) Roll on the ground and strike 3) Dead Ball Strike all from the edge of the area.

As mentioned before the Keeper needs to keep the ball out of the net but praise good technique.


The Keeper starts the same and the striker still calls the cone however this time they are on the edge of the D, when the Keeper returns to the set position the Striker can roll the ball and must strike it before the 18 yard box.

By Josh Jones-Keen – Josh has been coaching Goalkeepers for over a decade & has both Outfield and Goalkeeper coaching awards from England and Scotland. He’s coached at a number of levels from grassroots to semipro and currently coaches non league Women’s team as well as a local academy.

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